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This winter I have been taking photos for the new 2020 website of idtours in Rotterdam. Idtours is a company offering tours in the city of Rotterdam. What makes idtours unique is that they offer a very wide range of tours, including walking tours, bicycle tours and e-scooter tours. Amongst the different types of tours you can find for example the highly rated free walking tour, the very popular multicultural food tours, and a war history tour. And whats’s more, they offer these tours to a wide range of customers like tourists, companies and schools.

The company owner, Hans, takes real pride in giving his customers the true Rotterdam experience. For this purpose, Idtours has a great network of local partners. This means you can dive into the life of a Rotterdam local when you go on one of the tours. 

All this means there were a lot of pictures needed for the website, in order to be able show of everything they have to offer. The work has been divided in several photoshoots. First we concentrated on getting pictures of the guides at work and guests on tours. Then we went to all of the partners to take photos in their places of business. Last but not least all the atmosphere photos were collected.

In this article you can find some examples of the results that ended up on the website of idtours. If you want to see all of the photos, or if you are interested in going on one a tour with idtours, you can also visit their website If you are a business owner and would also like to have good pictures for your website, please contact me.

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