Affiliate marketing

Full disclosure

Affiliate marketing links may be used in some parts of the site. This means that I get payed a small commission if I recommend a product and/or a shop, and you end up purchasing that product from that shop after using a link I provided. See it as ones of the revenue streams that come from my photography business.

Why use affiliate marketing?

There are two main reasons for using affiliate marketing in my website:

1. I love writing blog posts and sharing my knowledge. However, it does take time to do so. Still, the articles I write are free to read for anyone who likes it. By collecting the commissions from the affilaite marketing, I get payed for my work without having to directly charge my readers.

2. In my view, part of spreading my knowledge is also sharing what products and stores I like and/or have good experiences with. That’s why in my articles I will share honest information and opinions about these products and stores and link you to them. Never will I link to products that I haven’t used or didn’t like. You can count on receiving my honest opinion, not based on payment from the producer or seller of the product, because I only recommend products and stores I actualy like myself.

Want to use affilaite marketing in your own blog or website?

If you are a website owner or blog writer, you can use affiliate marketing too. Just follow the link and sign up for TradeTracker